The sbpy Team

The development of sbpy is a team effort that would not be possible without the help of supporters that provide, test, and document code and routines. This effort is coordinated in the framework of a funded NASA PDART program (Grant No. 80NSSC18K0987), forming the sbpy core team.

The sbpy Core Team

  • Michael Mommert, Lowell Observatory (PI)
  • Michael S. P. Kelley, University of Maryland (Co-I)
  • Miguel de Val-Borro, Planetary Science Institute (Co-I)
  • Jian-Yang Li, Planetary Science Institute (Co-I)
  • Josef Ďurech, Charles University Prague (Collaborator)
  • Mikael Granvik, University of Helsinki (Collaborator)
  • Will Grundy, Lowell Observatory (Collaborator)
  • Nick Moskovitz, Lowell Observatory (Collaborator)
  • Antti Penttilä, University of Helsinki (Collaborator)
  • Nalin Samarasinha, Planetary Science Institute (Collaborator)

sbpy Supporters

  • Giannina Guzman, Villanova University